on putting out a record and also on having anxiety

On June 4th, our EP Troublesongs came out online. It has been a year in the making, and I'm very excited about it. Working with Danny at Hot Dad Labs has been the most creatively exciting experience I've had in a studio so far. I haven't been proud of a record in the way I'm proud of this one.

We're going to go on a short tour with this record too, something I've never done before. I'll be in a bunch of cities I've never been to this summer, play in rooms and breweries and coffeehouses and theaters and meet people who have already been such a help to us before ever meeting in person. I'll probably end up traveling and playing shows more this summer than the past three years combined.  

And I still had an anxiety attack this morning. Turns out doing the cool things you've always wanted to do (making a record, touring, etc.) doesn't actually make you happy. I wasn't particularly expecting it to, I guess. But here we are. 

Don't expect making art or pursuing whatever it is you think is compelling to be fulfilling, because it won't be. Not always, and not for very long. But it is absolutely still worth doing. When I feel awful and like everything is just about to fall apart, even in moments like this where I should just be elated about having created something, I remember conversations I've had with people who have connected with the music we've made so far. People who made eye contact and spoke emotionally (sometimes slightly drunkenly) about what the music has meant to them. Those conversations make me get up in the morning to write when I don't feel like writing. 

So thanks to those people, for saying kind things to me about what the music means to you (Zach, Justine, Mark, Andrew, and others I won't name here for the sake of brevity).