songs we're into: anything by Ner-D

Some things you outta know about Ner-D:

  • He's the four-time round one champ of the Shut Up and Rap competition (four times in a row).
  • He is going to destro-I mean he performs at the finals for Shut Up and Rap on Thursday this week, 7pm at Modist Brewing. 
  • He's performing at Soundset this year (other acts include Tyler the Creator, Migos, Logic, Atmosphere). 
  • He launched his Facebook page and started performing publicly in January. 

Matt Allen is the reason I (Hunter) am making music, we played in a band together that shut down so that he could focus on this hip-project, and he's freaking. crushing. it. 

Fans of Chance the Rapper, Tyler the Creator, and anything remotely nerdy will be in love with his lyricism, his flow as a rapper, his tongue-in-cheek silliness, and the surprising depth and thoughtfulness that most artists spend two or three records trying to reach for (Ner-D has one mixtape out that was made mostly with Youtube beats and podcast microphones used to record on a laptop in the front seat of a car--and it is incredible [we covered it in January]). 

His live performance is staggering. Matt is a powerhouse vocalist in his own right, rather than a rapper who can make a pass at singing every once in a while. Go see him on Thursday. 

Go see him on Thursday.