records we're into: Flap Ur Arms 2 Fly by Junior Varsity

From time to time there's a record that we here at Margot unanimously love. When that happens, we'll do a quick write up to ensure that anyone who follows us finds their way to some of the incredible music that's out there. We bias super hard to Minnesota music, so expect most posts to be about local acts. Speaking of which: 

 Flap Ur Arms 2 Fly - Junior Varsity

Flap Ur Arms 2 Fly - Junior Varsity

This 5-track EP from Junior Varsity is somehow both goofy & thoughtful at the same time. Their songwriting is impeccable, not a word is out of place and they lead you along with clear intention in every song. The songs are played and the lyrics are delivered with the sort of careful-planning-disguised-as-an-off-the-cuff-remark that makes records like this work well. 

A listener who isn't thoughtful or paying much attention might think tracks like It's Kinda Hard to Rock 'n' Roll on a Monday Night or Pick Me Up are glib, maybe even silly, but that listener would be wrong. Those tunes function in the way really good stand-up comedy functions: it leads you along a path that you think is going to be surface-level and funny, but then suddenly you realize a powerful point is being made about society, or love, or whatever the hell a song or a joke is about. 

Mouthguard Song is the standout track, compelling and vulnerable without being preachy or self-obsessed. A lot of people write about mental health issues, few people do so in a way that's interesting, let alone unique or nuanced. JV manages all three. 

You can see them live with us at the Turf Club on February 28th, with support from Cedar and Almighty American. Tickets are available here. 

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