song stories-weight

I wrote the guitar line to Weight in the living room of a house I was renting with some friends last year. Sometimes I’m in a mood to sit down and write songs, sometimes I’m crabby as hell, and sometimes I’m a bit of both. Sed angst turned into the opening lines of the song:

time shakes the coins from you; upside down and the blood pools

you know what it takes, love is torture it’s a dark game.

I remember I had some friends in the house, but they were playing a complicated board game that I wasn’t interested in (Dungeons & Dragons has ruined me for board games, why play anything else?) and so I sat in the living room while they played and wrote those first few lines and then the melody to the chorus, though I had no words for it yet.

I tend to write the first chunk of a song, voice memo it, and then leave it alone for a week or two. It is easier to come to a song later on fresh and excited to add to it since you didn’t exhaust every idea trying to finish it all in one sitting (this is adapted from a piece of advice found in A Moveable Feast by Heminway: always leave your story with a sentence half finished).


Essentially the song is about how difficult and overbearing a relationship can be, and the feeling of determination (sometimes just foolhardiness) that can keep one pushing through. Initially, there wasn’t any hope planned for the lyrics, and yet the final product ended up being far more optimistic.

This was one of those songs where as soon as the band tried it out in rehearsal, we started playing it live. That meant it was shaped a lot by how it was received in live settings, rather than carefully arranged ahead of time as most of the tunes are. The song in its current form is far slower than when I started it, but this lazy, Pinegrove-eqsque rock vibe feels right. There's a recording of an earlier take on this song that is nearly twice as fast and uffda it is hard to listen to. 

Here’s a brief clip from the acoustic demo I sent to our producer: